07.06.2018 bis 17.06.2018

THIS IS A GUEST PROJECT – KanyaKage is proud to have selected guests taking over the art space. The content of guest projects is typically not curated by KanyaKage.

Photographers Anastasia Fugger and Caroline Pimenta present their second series of a month long travel excursion.


[gone] POLAND studies the entanglement between religion and state in architectural and social practices in post-war Poland. The [gone] Project began in 2014, focusing on the nature of borders and cultures in Mexico, while this second body of work explores societal structure, politics and spirituality through photography and new mediums. Fugger and Pimenta present a visual diary that encourages discussion of Poland’s cultural characteristics in a multitude of contexts.

Anastasia Fugger (b. 1986 Florida, USA) focuses on the aesthetic of symmetry through which she investigates abstract and compositional frames. A history in Biology and photography, Fugger studied at the notable Spéos Institute of Photography in Paris and has travelled extensively to capture images for numerous publication projects. The London based artist currently works in science communication and documentary film production. Her work has been shown at Galeria Graça Brandão in Lisbon, and Tank.tv in London amongst others. Her publications include Suitcase Magazine, Riseart and Horst und Edeltraut Magazine.

Carolina Pimenta’s (b. 1988 Porto, Portugal) passion for the arts blossomed at an early age. An em-phasis on composition, Pimenta’s work often explores a whimsical sense of adventure, accenting most of her work to travel and a sense of journey. The mixed-medium artist has worked with collage and photography; her work has been shown at Miami Art Basel, Galeria Graça Brandão in Lisbon and the Reverse Space in New York. amongst others. Her publications include Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, Freunde von Freunden and Fubiz.

The KanyaKage is pleased to premiere Anastasia Fugger and Caroline Pimenta’s second instalment of [gone] POLAND in Berlin.The artists invite you to join us for the opening reception 7th June, 2018 6 – 9 pm and Finissage on 17th June, 2018 12 – 5 pm




Anastasia Fugger und Caroline Pimenta


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